Your Advantages!

  • Recognizable pouring dosage
  • Water significantly less
  • Gives a natural look
  • Eye catcher for your unique home
  • Breathable
  • Light weight, average 800g
  • Easy handling, thanks to 2-part cover, quickly and easily adapted and applied
  • Environmentally friendly handwork u. materials
  • Due to the shape and construction, your plant is more stable and stable than in conventional pots (prevents falling over)
  • High quality natural decoration and gift items for every occasion
  • Refines and improves your favorites in a natural way

Advantages for you plants!

  • Heat and cold insulation of the root pot
  • Stores moisture longer
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Sufficient space for saucer and water drain pan
  • Stable through construction and shape


The materials we are using

  • The main coating consists of a 0.5cm thick layer of mineral flexible earthenware, a stoneware-mortar mixture and is reinforced with fabric (hard, stable, flexible)
  • After the main coating, the core is made of 2-3 cm thick, highly heat-insulating 2-component polyurethane foam (protects against heat, cold and loss of moisture)
  • The material consists of 80% heat-insulating foam.
  • Botanyia consists of 2 parts, which can be connected by a jagged magnetic closure and completely covers the plant pot with soil and the saucer.
  • Botanyia can be used for all plant pot sizes up to a maximum of 12 cm in diameter and a maximum of 9.5 cm in height.
  • The stone-look outer coating is applied using the WTD process.

About us


When my wife wanted to pour concrete pots, I helped her.

When watering, I noticed that it looks very unnatural and has no useful functions compared to conventional pots.

Then I came up with the idea of creating a plant pot that should not only harmonize with every household due to its elegant design but also its natural look.

So I started my first try. A real sandstone, in which I milled a hole and then inserted the plant through it.

Unfortunately, I also noticed how difficult it is to put in the plant and above all, how heavy the product was.

Since I liked the product very much from the aesthetic point of view, I set myself the goal of producing a product that offered exactly this natural look but is lighter in weight and handling, and should bring advantages for the plant.

Today, after almost 3 years of development im proud to present my innovative plant pot cover "Botanyia" - optically corresponding to the types of stone sandstone and marble, weighing less than 1 kg and easy to use thanks to a magnetic locking mechanism.


In our creative workshop, we develop handmade, unique pieces and designer products for your unique home.

Our workshop produces in the highest quality, with the most natural materials possible by hand, free of CO2 emissions exclusively in Germany.


Hope you like it :)